PrISE : Prediction of protein-protein Interface residues using Structural Elements

Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

PrISE. Prediction of interface residues using local surface structural similarity

PrISE predict interface residues using local surface structural similarity. PrISe represents a local surface structure using structural elements. A structural element represents the surface of a central residue and its surrounding residues on the protein structure. Prise decompose the surface of a query protein in as many structural elements in the surface of the protein and search for similar elements in a data base containing all the structural elements in PDB. the central residue in each element in the database has been label as interface or non-interface. These labels are used to predict whether the central residue of each structural element in the query protein is or not an interface residue.

A complete description of the method can be found in the publications section.

If you want to predict the interaction sites for a list of proteins, use the option prediction of interface residues for a list of proteins

1. Indicate the source of information:
PDB Id: (e.g. 1ciw)
PDB File:

2. Choose the chain to use: (e.g. A)

3. Proteins to exclude from the computation of similar structures:

List of proteins to exclude:
Homologs (>= 95% sequence identity).

4. Select the type of interface:
Distance between the center of heavy atoms: Å
Distance between the Van der Waals surfaces of heavy atoms: Å

5. RASA to consider a residue to be on the surface: >=% Å2